For those who don't like the orange knitting bag

take a look at this one!!
I believe I will order it:

I haven’t seen that one before. I like how it has the holes for the yarn.

kemp, i like those yarn holes as well.
Okay, finally decided and this is the one i ordered:

sigh the problem i run into is wanting something that looks sort of purse-like so i can use it for day to day use too. i like those ones on ebay i think but that price kinda gets me. if i am going to do that i might as well make the jump to the Jordana Paige i think. mebbe after i get my christmas money! :wink:

brendajos, I’m not limiting myself to one bag. :roflhard:
if you could see my bag closet!!!
I would like one to carry round in public that is more of the purse you are describing.
I can’t help myself, I am a TRUE BAGLADY!!
:cheering: :inlove: :inlove:

lol… me too. that’s the reason i have a hard time putting out a lot of money for a bag because as soon as i do i am already on the hunt for the next one!! :thumbsup:

I like the 1st one alot, almost ordered it. But, a friend sent me a surprise gift box one day, within it was a small denim bag that I use for small projects when KIP & throw my wallet & phone in it :wink:

I’m sure this is where Great Knits, the name on the orange bag, got thier idea… as it is almost totally the same, except the gromitts on the orange bag are inside and this one is outside :slight_smile:

Gotta love competition. :slight_smile:

What orange knitting bag? :??

This one
Knitters Tote

I do believe it was in another thread.

norman, bingo! you picked up on my only dislike of the bag. I wanted them to be inside, like the knitter’s tote.
the description says inside, but they look outside to me.

Giving the beneif of doubt, maybe they have both… but the way it looks now… kinda doesn’t make sense… :slight_smile: but that’s just me

I thought the same thing, I kept trying to find diff views of it, but they aren’t generous that way.
I got the clear one by creative gear and I’ll give a full report on it (after Christmas, as it’s a pressie, so shhhhh, don’t tell me I’m getting it!)

Yeah… :rollseyes: I didn’t ask for anything for XMas… Shrugs Nothing needed righ tnow…

Just got a house, just sold the trailer… what more do I need… :slight_smile:

okay norman, that means you have more space for more yarn!! :shock:

between my wife and me… we have enough yarn at the moment… :slight_smile:

I want a Jordana Paige bag in red sooooo bad. :inlove: It is so pretty!!! I just can’t justify paying that much :frowning:


Be patient and watch ebay. I got a brand new one for half off! Including shipping! It just takes watching. I watched for well over a month.

somehow, I manage to find $'s to get more bags… I feel like "if you can’t knit with the bag you love, then love the bag you knit with now."
BJ, you describe me perfectly, I am always like a deer in the headlights when i see a potential knitting bag/tote…

YEah but let me just say … this is acutally a pretty good bag for me… I Think I’d look funny carrying around the Jordana bag…
Joel?? laughs