For those of you in and around Denver

We truly hope you are safe, sound and warm! Looks like Christmas plans are truly goofed up for hundreds of people that are stranded! Keep warm everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Nonnny2, thanks for the good thoughts. We live on the north west side of town and spent 4 hours digging our driveway out of waist high drifts today. Unfortunately, we are at the bottom of a cul de sac and the street out to our main road has at least three feet across it.!! Lots of knitting yesterday and today. The other good part…no lives lost and no power outages. tillie

Well, I live in Colorado Springs, and while many parts of town got it bad, we barely got anything! I was going to go to my first spinning meeting and christmas party tonight, but it was cancelled due to weather and I was shocked! It was such a little bit of snow here that I was absolutely shocked to find out that barely 10 minutes from where we are, it was horrendous.

You were on the very edge of the storm’s path I guess. I’m up in Casper and we got nothing, increasing a bit toward the SE, and Cheyenne got over a foot.