For The Superstitious

My question to you is:

Is there any truth behind any of the knitting ‘myths’, such as the ‘boyfriend/sweater’ myth, or the ‘Don’t knit baby clothes before your baby is conceived and/or born, or else!’ (cough, this is one I am particularly worried about >_< I am a slow knitter, so I fear that if I wait till baby’s born, they’d be outgrown the clothes before I can make them XD On the other hand, I don’t want to risk anything bad! Can you tell I don’t walk under ladders either? XD :hiding: )

Thoughts people? What have your experiences with superstitions been?

They’re only true if you believe these myths…

None. I’ve never had an issue with it.

As far as knitting for Baby, how can knitting effect what happens in one’s uterus?

Relax & have fun.

Oh, dear! my friend and I have children whose birthdays are days apart. We planned a joint party last year and had to change the date once. Her mom is from Korea and according to their culture, you must have the party on or before the b-day. Otherwise, it is bad luck. I have a friend who is German and she says the custom there is to have it on or after the actual day, otherwise, it is bad luck. :eyes:

As far as I’m concerned, you are what you believe and the universe brings you what you need. Pray, think, hope, meditate–whatever you want to call it for a safe pregnancy and delivery for the mom and baby and pick up your needles. :thumbsup:

And, remember, sometimes bad things do happen but it’s not because you knit a baby sweater. cloud9


You know, [B][I][U]logic[/U][/I][/B] was telling me all that, but the mind does have a tendancy to run away sometimes :wink:

I think my superstitious nature all came from a book my mum used to have out on the shelf when I was a kid. It was some ‘Old Wives Tales’ book, that had a bunch of them in it…and I would read it for fun quite often…it seems that might have not have been the best idea :teehee:

Growing up in an Italian family, you wouldn’t believe some superstitions I heard as a child!!!

LOL, I’m hoping only the good ones came true? :wink:

Don’t hang baby’s laundry on the clothesline at night(something about the moonlight being bad luck)

Put a corn broom by the door at night. Witches have to count every straw of the broom to get into your house. By the time they count them all it will be morning and they’ll have to go away.

Break a set of dishes when moving into a new house and its good luck (must be an accident not on purpose)

Never ever have anything with pictures of birds in your house–birds are bad luck.

Don’t put shoes on the bed or on the table-more bad luck.

Make a sign of ther cross over a yawning baby’s mouth to keep out the evil spirit.

Those are cool (Though I know at least two of them that aren’t true :wink: )

I think it’s so cool how different cultures and even different families can have such different superstitions, even about the same thing!

Not only am I Italian, I’m also Irish. My Irish grandmother used to keep us in stitches with the superstitions (and she actually believed them!)

“Fork on the floor, man at the door.”

“When visiting, always leave by the same door that you entered.”

“If you have a statue of an elephant (or picture too, I would imagine), always have the trunk facing your front door…brings money.”

“If your right palm itches, you’ll receive money…if you left palm itches, you’ll lose money.”

“If your nose itches, someone wants to kiss you.”

I agree with everyone else…knitting for the baby can’t possibly do any harm to him/her. If anything, he/she will feel the love that you’re putting into whatever you’re knitting. Best of luck to you all.

I have lots of roosters and chickens in my kitchen - I’ve heard their good luck. Well, the roosters anyway. I think the gifts of chickens were accidents. Someone meant to get roosters.

I can’t possibly believe that knitting for a baby is anything other than good. Really, think about it. You’re knitting in front of yourself so your arms would constantly be caressing your stomach in a loving embrace of baby. You can’t get any better than that.

Don’t let anything stop you from knitting to your hearts content!

Having spent the better part of today, walking under a huge ladder to retrieve my work materials…:pout: and then passing back under to go to my work station…I thought about this thread. I’m not superstitious but it did make me think!
So, we also had linemen replacing power poles within mere feet of the shop door and I watched carefully, :roll: having dared to do the ladder thing, to make sure that none of those high voltage wires came down on my head.
Whew! What a day! I’m home now, safe and sound… :woohoo: :woot: :mrgreen:

I agree with everyone else…Knit for that precious little one as much as you possibly can!!!

i knit a blanket for my baby before he was born… he’s 8 months old now!

my family doesn’t believe in baby showers before the baby is born tho (especially if you found out the gender - they think that if you believe you are having a girl and than have a majorly girly baby shower the baby will become a boy! hahaha)

i didnt know there were knitting myths tho :wink: just knit!

LoL, Glad to hear everything turned out safe and sound :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, the baby shower thing doesn’t surprize me in the least! Sort of brings to mind dropping a peice of toast and having it always land jam side down :teehee:

I didn’t know there were knitting myths either! I was looking up a couple myths about flys (I think hehe), and I came across a bunch of knitting ones like…never leave a project unfinished because it brings bad luck…Never stick your needles through an unfinished project…never knit while walking under a ladder…(LOL, ok, I might have made that one up :wink: )


that just screams disaster!


i just googled this and found that you are supposed to knit a hair into every garment, it will bind the recipient to you… i do this every time! tho not on purpose! usually knit a few dog hairs in there too! hahaha

Never heard that about knitting hair into projects. I’m sure I unintentional knit my hair, dog hair, cat hair, turtle hair (no wait…not turtle hair).

Superstitions are fun, aren’t they? :yay: :happydance: :yay:

:teehee: :teehee: :teehee: Alot of fun, I’ll agree! But, some people are dead serious about them…turtle hair! LOLOL! Reminds me of “family germs”, which is what we say if we pick up the wrong cup of coffee.

> I’m sure I unintentional knit my hair, dog hair, cat hair, turtle hair (no wait…not turtle hair).

Right, everyone know turtles have fur…