For surprise theme swappers

ok, please answer the poll. trying to figure if you have heard from you partner or sent emails to them too. also, if you want to quit the swap, LET ME KNOW PLEASE!!!

remember to answer the quit/didn’t quit too :slight_smile:

voted :slight_smile:

I voted…
I have received emails from and sent emails to the swapper/swapee. I have already started receiving items from my swapper.

I don’t understand, what happened that people are leaving KH and are dropping out of the swap? :eyebrow2::eyebrow2:

…and I didn’t quit (didn’t vote for that though)

I sent, I got … and I didn’t quit … but I didn’t check the I didn’t quit box …

I voted, and I haven’t quit!

whoops, didnt vote for the “i didnt quit” vote too… but I didnt quit!

I’ve contacted and been contacted by both my swapper & swap-ee.

And I’m definitely still in the swap! :thumbsup:

What’s been happening around here? I’ve been busy with getting the kids back to school this week and haven’t checked KH at all for days.

yup i didn’t click the “didn’t quit” box either and can’t change it… sorrrreeee…hehe

no problem swappers! :wink: i mostly wanted to make sure you each have been contacted in some form so far! i don’t think anyone has quit… at least, no one has told me they quit! :shrug:

I assume by at least voting that we have had email contact that it means that I am still in the swap. For the life of me I don’t know if I voted that I am still in the swap. I am such a ditz.

:waving: Didn’t quit, sent email to swappEE and waiting to hear from swapper. I am pretty sure I voted right!
This is all very confusing. Need more coffee to understand!

Same for me…I have not heard from the person who has me but have been in contact with my person.

And I am sure that I didn’t mark the “didn’t quit” button. It’s way too early and the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet!

I voted and clicked

Sent my receiver a secret email

Didn’t quit.

I have not heard from my sender.

What craziness! I voted, I didn’t quit (how on earth would I explain ALL this yarn???), but I haven’t heard from who has me. I’m in pretty regular contact with who I have though.

Thanks Jeanie!

Communications have gone both directions with both swappee and swapper!

Well - I’ve heard from my Swapper, talked to my Swappee and didn’t quit! Good idea though Jeannie as it is nice to be sure :slight_smile:

go ahead and quit… :lol: you can just send me your stash, i promise i’ll share :wink:


Well, I [I]could [/I]I suppose … but once yarn comes into the house, I get a little … I don’t know … attached. Emotionally invested. I would hate to saddle you with my “baggage.” I’ll just stay and suffer:teehee:

Hi sorry I voted before I read the thread :wall: so didn’t know i was suppose to tick didn’t quit but I am here didn’t quit sent my swappe an email and has received email from my swapper.