For sale Jaggerspun Sephyr Silk-Wool lace weight

JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk yarn for knitting and weaving. COLOR - WHITE. $14.95 for 4oz. I have a few pounds of it. Less than one pound will charge actual shipping cost, full pound cone will ship free of charge to US continental address. Other colors available, about 50 colors total, in full pounds cones. You can check also my ebay listings. Also DK weight is available in all these colors, that is 4ply (not plyable), 4 times heavier than lace weigh, and it is about 1120 yards/lb. Ship free to US and Canada. Lace weight 2/18 - 5,040 yards per pound. Not mothproofed. Color card is available on request. Content: 50% fine grade merino wool, 50% chinese tussah silk. It is a blend of Australian super fine merino wool and soft chinese tussah silk. Luxury yarn, can be worn next to sensitive skin, warm for winter and cool in summer. The two fibers absorb the dyes differently resulting in a shiny and intense luster. Care: hand wash and dry cleaning recommended. I will accept payment by MO, paypal, personal check. I sell on ebay under user name yardtreecom. Please emeil me to if interested. I have also some other yarns by Jaggerspun, and they are precious for knitting and weaving. Kind regards, Lena