For international online shoppers!


I wanted to let people who don’t live in the U.S. know that The Knitting Zone (The KnittingZone) offers a shipping discount for international orders. They state that their discount is equal to the cost of shipping for a U.S. order. If you go to their home page, click on “Ordering” at the top and you will see this information.

I haven’t ordered anything from them, but this seems to be a very nice service.

Also, Pack Lane Wool in England (Hampshire) has very reasonable international shipping. Their website is Click on “Terms and Conditions” to see their rates. To convert currency, one pound is equal to two U.S. dollars.

The only thing which may ruin the total price of the order for EU customers is the VAT, which I STILL don’t understand after 3 1/2 years here.

Yes, I’m weird about trying to find good deals. :thumbsup:

Non-European orders should be VAT exempt (similar to the VAT rebate North Americans can claim after shopping in Europe). Their page at reflects this: “If you are visiting us from outside the EU, there will be no charge for VAT.”


What is VAT? :shrug:

Value Added Tax - runs at 17% for the UK, IIRC.

Similar to Canada’s GST (Goods and Services Tax), or to provincial/state taxes.

More than you want to know at


It’s sort of a sales tax Europeans and others have that changes depending on what you buy. Some things, like books (at least in Greece) and children’s clothes are exempt.

Here’s the Wikipedia article about it:

Value added tax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia