Anyone interested in either a fantasy football league or just a simple pick’em? I’d be happy to set up a free one for us.

We’ll need about twelve participants.

I love football. :inlove:

Color me stupid but how does the fantasy football thing work? I’ve heard so much about it every season but never asked how it works. :shrug:
I’d probably be up for it unless it involves great thinking. :teehee:

If you’ve never played, there’s nothing at all stupid about not knowing how it’s done.

Each participant drafts the players for her team, or you can autodraft - which lets yahoo choose your players for you. Players can only be on one team; for example, Peyton Manning can only play for one of us. Each week, you decide which of your players you wish to play and which to bench. You earn points for things like touchdowns, passing yards, rushing yards, strong defense. Your team will play opposite another participant’s team.

Is that enough of an explanation? It’s easy and fun and many of us will be watching the games anyway and knitting while we watch. If you get really hooked on it, you’ll find yourself dropping your knitting when you leap up to cheer on one of your players. :rofl:

Winner gets bragging rights, nothing more… Except maybe heading up the league next year? We can all decide later.

EDIT: This year, Yahoo allows co-managers. So two of us can head up a team. That could be really cool. Only half the shame, but only half the glory, too.

I keed. There’s no shame. Last year, I came in LAST place in one of my leagues, despite having LaDainian Tomlinson on my team. Do you know how difficult that is to do? :roflhard:

Good explanation. Who keeps track of the stats or is that done via yahoo?
I specked out Yahoo’s FF site, looks like something I could get hooked on real easy. :roflhard: I’m voting myself in.

:woohoo:We got one! I feel like Annie Potts on Ghostbusters.

Yahoo tracks everything for us. We just play, then read the weekly results each Tuesday. If we get enough for a league, I’ll post more detailed instructions right here.

I love fantasy football!!!

Yowza! :cheering: Have you played in a league that includes individual defensive players? It adds another dimension to it that I love.

I see that my sister’s been in here. Someone chose “are you insane?” in the poll.

I am such a horrible football person…

All I know is that DH loves his beloved Dallas Cowboys and I have to make sure we keep the DirecTV “Sunday Ticket Super Fan” package for him (though I don’t watch it) for when he gets back from Iraq in November…

I will sit and knit or cross-stitch while he watches games, but other than that I really don’t pay attention to it.

(I do know that when we (finally) have kids he will be having them watch games with him, both the boys & the girls!)

Maybe your sons will prefer to learn knitting. Who knows? Here’s hoping November comes quickly for you!

Nope. I hate football.

I think America (and others) have lost their minds enabling these guys to make the millions they do for running down a field, smashing into each other and carrying a pigskin sack when brains, innovation and creativity seem to mean little. Please!

But if you like it – go for it! Just please don’t make me watch it.

[quote=zip;925411]Yowza! :cheering: Have you played in a league that includes individual defensive players? It adds another dimension to it that I love.

I haven’t, but that sounds great to me!!

I talked to my SO. He said that eight teams will be enough, and he’s a serious sports geek. So, we just need five more!

Oh what the hell… I havent played a FF in a couple of years. :slight_smile: Last time I played was with a group of guys and I was the only girl. I won. HA! They were so pissed I didnt play the next year. hehe.

So put me down! I’ve only played with full defense, but I’m willing to play whichever. :slight_smile:

Oh, I love football! I played with my mom for the first time (mine, not hers) last year, but we didn’t get going until the end.

We didn’t play with individual defensive players, though, but I’m willing to try.

I :heart: the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I have no clue how to play fantasy football. :oops:

Me neither!! I think it will be fun though. What’s the worst that can happen? :roflhard: At best nobody will hire me as a coach or draft picker, at worst I lose and become the laughing stock of the KH forum. Either way, I’m good and maybe some people will get a laugh or two out of it. :roflhard:

I live in Pittsburgh, and the Steelers are my team too :cheering:

:cheering: We almost have 8! I’m so happy to see y’all willing to do this!

Ronda, I didn’t know how to play either until the first time a couple of years ago. If we get enough to form a league (just need 2 more, if I count you as in), then I’ll post more detailed instructions here. It’s like knitting in that after a couple of weeks, it makes sense.

We conquered knitting, and we can kick fantasy football’s tushie, too! :woohoo:

Ok. I’ll give it a try! Count me in.

The first time I played FF, my league gave me the “Lucky S$%*” award for scoring over .500 with a crappy team. They laughed at me, b/c my first pick was Emmitt Smith.