Football contest for cash

I know there is already a thread here for football, and if this doesn’t belong here “please delete” I honestly mean no harm by this post.

I have football contest going on on my site. I’m giving away a gift card to the winner of this contest. So far the pot is up to 60.00 dollars.

I’ve said all along I’d like to get this up to a flat 100.00. To do that, I need more players.

The rules are in the link posted, it’s free to enter and win, there is no anti.

I’m a football junkie (Chiefs fan), yeah I know!:eyes: I’m not playing at all this year, just posting the pics.

Anyway, it’s my dime, for my contest. I’ve got about 12 people playing, I’d like to get a few more.

I’m not asking you to do anything besides join and play, I don’t spam my members, it’s a free board to have some OT honest debates, that’s the short and sweet of it.

Play if you want don’t if you don’t.

But since we have football fans, I thought I’d let you wonderful people know about it. You all have helped me so much, this is the least I can do.

Again if this seems like spam I’m sorry, it wasn’t my intent.

You will have to join to play but that’s just so I can keep track.

Thanks for reading this far.

well, that’s so cool! I’m thinking about joining. But… is that your website? What’s its purpose? I couldn’t figure that out. It isn’t a blog, or a business… ?

Yes, it’s my site, I own it. It’s not a blog or a business.

I started it because I wanted something different. Something where all opinions could be heard "for adults!