Football baby blanket design


Help. I have a nephew who is getting ready to have his first child, a boy. He is a football coach and I have in my head a design for a baby blanket with footballs on it. I would love to find someone to actually make the pattern for me so i can give it to my sister as a gift, for her to knit as a gift to her son. It would not be a difficult blanket. But I know in any way knowledgable to do this. does anyone know of someone who can take my desin and make it into a pattern for her?

Thank you.


Any chance you could sketch it?

There might also be a pattern out there somewhere close to what you want. Have you Googled much?

Join Ravelry if you aren’t a member - how cute is this!! Though it is crochet…

Found this dishcloth pattern also that you could adapt:

Doh, just re-read your post and now I see just what you are looking for! If it is fairly simple, it could probably be charted out easily, though you would most likely want to have someone test knit a square or 2 first! If you have it scetched out, is it something you could scan and post (or attach a pdf)?

Margret, Thanks, I just need someone to do that. I’m not a skilled knitter in anyway.

did you scetch out what you are thinking of?