Following instructions

I am working on a hat pattern. The instructions state SKTPO. I understand the SKPO (slip 1, knit 1, pass slip stitch over). What is the T for? I can’t find it anywhere in the whole book.

Twist maybe?

What’s the book - maybe someone has it…

The book is Mon Tricot Crochet and Knitting No. 14. There is no date on it as to when published but I have had it for quite awhile.

I found it! I found it!

Here is the written instruction for [B]SKTPO[/B]:

[COLOR=Navy][B]sktpo[/B] - slip next stitch, knit 2 together, pass slipped
stitch over[/COLOR]

And here is the website that demystifies the abbreviation.
I hope it fits YOUR sktpo prescribed in YOUR pattern!

NOTE: the SKTPO is a decrease of 1 stitch. Does this seem reasonable according to your specific pattern? Is the pattern calling for some kind of shaping? OR, is your pattern creating [I]yarn over [/I]‘holes’ or ‘eyelets’ and following the yarn over eyelet…which adds a stitch…the SKTPO is the decrease counterpart? Is your pattern ‘lacey’ in appearance?

Ah so it is knit 2 together. Most instructions for that would read sk2po where the k2 is understood to mean k2tog. And this decreases 2 sts no matter how you write it. Slip 1, k2tog, psso - you start with 3 and end with 1.

I think the reason for the mysterious abbreviation for the sk2po
is because it’s a MON TRICOT pattern book. And it might be an older issue!

I’ve NEVER heard of the abbreviation she ran into! (SKTPO)

And, it’s highly unusual that the book would not have a
KEY to unlock the meaning of the abbreviations it’s using!

I’d never heard of it either. I’ve got an old Mon Tricot stitch dictionary, will see if it’s in there sometime.

[COLOR=Blue][I][B]Oh yes! [/B][/I][/COLOR] I have an old Mon Tricot Knitting Dictionary, too! Why didn’t I think of that!??

I’ve had it for about OMG…dare I admit how many years?
I’ll check the date inside the book. That’ll tell me! It was one of my first knitting how-to books! Oy!

I do know I bought mine about mid 70s. The cover and first few pages have ripped off, so can’t check the date.

It is reasonable for the decrease. The SKTPO is done at the top of the hat simply to decrease the number of stitches and shape the top of the hat. The pattern is not lacy. After the rows with the SKTPO the next rows are just following the pattern and calling for stockinette stitches. There are no increases. Thank you for your help.

My book has a date: 1972! I bought it new…so I’m guessing I bought it in 1972-73! Yipes!

But it didn’t have an explanation for the SKTPO.

I see that our knitter is satisfied with the interpretation I found! She’s working a hat, and the crown of the hat is requiring simple decreases!

I think I got mine about 1975 or within a couple years after. Yes, looks like you gave the right answer!

For those of you who answered, thank you. I made the hat and the knit 2 together worked out with the stitch count and shaping. Thank you so much. :slight_smile: