Follow up from Sirdar re my question

[B]This is the original problem that I had trouble with. Everyone was kind of stumped as to the directions…SOOOO…I emailed Sirdar directly. I finally received a reply and this is what she had to say:[/B]

Hi Everyone! I’ve knitted a few things so I’m not really a beginner beginner…However, these simple instructions have me stumped and frustrated! I have spent more time ripping out this front ribbed band than on the whole sweater vest! It is for a baby so it should have been completed by now. Would someone help me decipher these inane instructions? I’ve tried every way that I can think of to make it all come out right to no avail! Here goes:
Rib 2, cast off 2sts, (rib 16, cast off 2 sts) 4 times, rib 1.
Next row: Rib 2, cast on 2 sts, (rib 17, cast on 2 sts) 4 times, rib 2.
Thanks loads!

Sorry for the late reply to your email, unfortunately we have a back log of email. I have checked the rows for
the right front border and they are all correct. You will rib 2 then cast off 2 sts, to cast off the first stitch you
need to work 2 stitches on your right hand needle and pass one over the other then work another stitch
onto the right hand need and take one over the other, you will have used 3 stitches to cast off 2.
I do hope this helps you further.

Kind Regards
Janet-knitting Advisor

Meantime I couldn’t wait for a reply and after a trip to the local yarn store (Granny wasn’t there and the woman that was, was very sweet but not really helpful), I viewed the one row buttonhole video on this site…I love you since it worked and I can finally proceed after two sleepless nights of going to bed at 3:00AM!! Thanks to all! Linda