Folk knitting in Estonia?

Has anyone else read this book? i just bought it and read it right away. It’s so interesting! And the techniques! Some things i’ve never seen before and they are all so easy to follow in the book. If you see this book. Pick it up.I’ll knit something from it soon and post so you all can see.

I don’t have that book. yet. I have just bought and waiting for delivery of Latvians mittens and I can’t wait for it to arrive because it also have a lot of history behind the mittens which I think is really interesting.

Will put Folk Knitting on my list of books to look out for.

I’m waiting for the release of the Estonian Lace Knitting book by Nancy Bush. Knitpicks has all books 40% off this month.

I’ve had my Estonian Lace Knitting book for about two months already. I CO for my first project from it last night! Everything in it is beautiful.