Foam Board for Blocking

[COLOR=“Teal”]I have seen over and over again on Ravelry, foam boards folks are using to block their items. I have no idea where these can be found and what is the cost of them?

Also, I’ve seen these boards for blocking socks. Where can I find those?[/COLOR]

3/27/2015 -[B] ETA[/B] I found online Crochet Dude Blocking Board with Grids. Price starting at $2.99.

Knit picks sells these blocking mats
which are nice because they don’t take up much space when disassembled. The blocking boards with a grid measured in inches are handy too.
KP also sells sock blockers but I’m not sure if these are what you’re looking for.
Also, you can customize a sock blocker:

I use something similar to these floor mats. They’re meant to go under a treadmill to stabilize and absorb shock. Got them half price and one block is enough to handle a couple of hats or a sweater front. I’ve seen people using the similar ones for kids that come in bright colors, but I don’t think they’re as big as mine. (Although, they do often come in a plastic holder, so that’s nice.) I even use one section as a floor mat while I’m standing cutting quilt pieces.

ETA: the back side is flat, so don’t let the texture throw you.

I have two sets of the Knitpicks blocking mats. I like that you can put together whatever you need for the project. They are a solid light color which I liked, too. I was worried about the color on the cheap mats coming off on a wet project. Probably not a problem, but I was more comfortable with the plain and I like the light background for blocking.

I don’t block socks.

[B][COLOR=“Purple”]Thank You for the wonderful links!!![/COLOR][/B]

You can buy it from foamboardsource. There are varieties of foam board available at the store at an affordable price. Standard foambaord is made of resilient extruded polystyrene core. These can also used for screen printing, die cutting, mounting, framing and prototypes.