FO: Zara sweater and matching hat

I made this sweater in about a week or a bit more. It’s knitted with Rowan Big Wool in Forest (100% merino), in size S, on 8mm (US 11) and 12mm (US 17) needles. Took about 4.2 balls, the other 0.8 was used for the matching hat. The pattern is Rowan’s Bigger Picture and i’m going to make another sweater from there. It’s chunky and i like it!

and here you can see the hat better:

That beautiful and looks great on you! :yay:

Very Nice! One of my favorite colors, too!!! Looks good on you! Mary

Oh I really like those! Nice work! Don’t you love how you can do it so quickly sometimes? Very rewarding…

Thanks! It definitely was a very rewarding project! I just could see the sweater form before my eyes!

It’s very nice, and looks really good on you. The color compliments your eyes.

Beautiful work and model. You look great in it!!!


Very nice!

That looks like a fun project. It’s nice to have something that is fairly quick to knit. It looks nice on you.

:happydance: It looks wonderful! Great job

Look at you!!! Looks great :thumbsup:

Hi! :waving:

Dontcha just love Big Wool? You look [I]so adorable[/I] and [I]comfy[/I] in your sweater and hat!! Great stitch work, too! Nice and even! Thanks for sharing!!

Looks great!

Thank you! Big Wool is a great yarn, it’s soft and squishy and warm! And it was on sale:teehee:

pretty! :woot:

Wow! It looks wonderful!! That’s almost instant gratification! LOL

oh i like that. its great to see a chunky pattern that is fitted. nice job and realy cute cute hat to with it

Beautiful. :thumbsup:

its so pretty and it looks great on you. i love quick projects!!