FO: Yet another Irish Hiking Scarf

This one’s for son #3 for Christmas. He and my sweet dil like to ski, so I knit them each a scarf to wear when they go skiing. Hers was the Column of Leaves scarf I posted last week. His is IHS in Reynolds Odyssey, modeled here by son #4.

I love those colors. It looks fantastic

Slim, that is simply beautiful!! I love the colors in that yarn. It’s perfect for that pattern. Lovely work. :yay:

The color is awesome! Beautiful job!

I love it in the variegated!

Oh my! The colors are great! I am always hesitant to use variegated with cables but yours is drop dead GORGEOUS! (my dh might even wear that, and that is saying a lot!):woot:

What a nice looking mans scarf!!!You did a GREAT job on it:cheering:He will love it:woohoo:

Lovely colors:thumbsup: Is the yarn soft?

Yes, it’s very soft. And the colors are all gorgeous! It was a pleasure to work with, but not cheap. Here’s a link that shows the colorways available:!OpenDocument

Beautiful! Normally I’m not a fan of cables with variegated yarns, but you chose a perfect yarn for this gift! Great job - it’s beautiful!:happydance:


Love the yarn, not familiar with it, will have to CHECK IT OUT. I love cables in varigated yarn, a simple cable in a varie has extra “intrigue”!!

Hi Slim
What a lovely scarf…I would love the pattern!!!

Hi Slim
Could you mail me with the details of your great scarf??

You are my scarf god!! I love it!

Thanks! Here’s a link to the pattern:


Sure, Pauline, I have emailed you all the details.

That looks great. I love the colours in that yarn.

Hi Slim
I have mailed you just like to say thanks again X

[B][I][COLOR=darkred]LOVE THE COLOR CHOICE![/COLOR][/I][/B] :thumbsup: Your work is wonderful! Thanks for sharing the photo!