FO (yes really!) Watermelon Hat

After Victoise posted her watermelon hat I decided to make one for my girlfriends’s 3-week-old.

I used the pattern for the Feather Lace Ruffle in Nicky Epstein’s Knitting on the Edge (pg. 56), and knitted it flat, so there would be an opening in the back–I didn’t want the ruffle to bunch at the back of baby’s neck, so this way it can be spread open so it’s comfy!
After decreasing, I knit a few round in the dark green, then 2 rounds in light green (didn’t have white!) and then the red. Instead of decreasing at the top, I just ran thread through the live stitches and cinched it up. I was orginally going to put black beads on for the “seeds” but I didn’t want baby to roll over and have a bead pressing on her head. (i’m very paranoid about my knitting “hurting” babies!)… SO I just randomly “embroidered” black dots.

Hat was made with 1 ball of Shine Worsted in Watermelon, 1 ball of Shine Sport in Grass, about 2 yards each of Shine Sport in Green Apple, and Shine Worsted in Ebony… all from Knitpicks

The circumference of the hat is just right (15 inches) but I think the brim is I’m a little worried that the brim is going to cover baby’s face, but she sleeps allt he time anyway, so maybe it will help bring her nice dreams :angelgrin:

That is just adorable, Hildie! See if you can get a picture of it on the baby when you give it to her!

[size=2]cute[/size], cute, [size=6]cute![/size]

Way too cute Hilde!

Love it!!! :inlove: :inlove:

That is soooo adorable Hild!! I love the brim of the hat - it is perfect!

Too Cute! :heart:

I :heart: your watermelon hat!

I’m working on 3 right now, without ruffles, and was wondering what you meant about “embroidered” for adding the seeds? Are the “seeds” all made with a single piece of yarn and connected in the back or are they all put on separately?

Hildie–if you every get a picture of the baby in that adorable hat, please post it!!

Aw so cute!! :cheering:

So, that means you have 14 WsIP left? :thinking:

It’s so cute, Hildie!! :inlove:

So CUTE!!! :cheering: :thumbsup:

:smiley: Tooooo cute :thumbsup:

yes Andres, 14 more WsIPs!!!

No, each one is seperate. I originally was going to do french knots, and while they looked cute it was like [size=6]HELLO SEEDS[/size] instead of “oh, look at the cute seeds”… I split the yarn into only 2 strands, but then my french knot technique dissapeared, so I just kind of sewed over them a f times, and tied a knot in the back.

Thanks everyone for the feedback! :heart: I’m going to try to get the hat to baby this holiday weekend so I can get a picture!

Yes - we must get a picture of that on the baby - I have to see the ruffles around a little head! Its just adorable!

That hat is so gorgeous. Love the way it looks =D

Aww that’s so adorable! :inlove: :heart: