FO: Year round light textured sweater

It took me longer than I thought it would, just slightly over a month, but I am finally done! I have decided, though, to put buttons down the front instead of just one at the top as per the pattern. I just haven’t found the perfect buttons yet!

(Bernat glitterspun, size 5)

How pretty, I really like that yarn too!

Very pretty! I love the picot-y edging. :yay:

Really pretty! The edging is very nice,and adds just the right touch. Maybe matching color buttons?

Thnks for sharing …the edging is nice

Very pretty! Love the color, and the edge treatment. Nice work.

great job

Nice! The color is pretty and I really like the bottom edge.

That’s very pretty!

Sent you a PM.

:happydance:very pretty!

Congrats!!! It looks wonderful. You will get so much enjoyment from wearing it!

Good job on that. Pretty edging.