FO: Year of the Pig Bag

Oh my gosh!! That is just SOOO Cute!! :eyes: And I can just envision a sweet 2yr old carting it around too! Well done! :woot:

How long did it take you to make it? I think I’ll have to look for the pattern for my girls (soon to be 2y and 6y). Their Halloween costumes this year are going to be flying pigs (where does the 6y come up with these ideas? I just thank my lucky stars Grandma signed up to make the costumes!!) A cute pig purse would compliment the outfit well and be cute to use afterwards too – maybe I could even give it little wings!

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I didn’t think the purse would get that much response. Love this group. There’s so much community and friendship.:woot:

It took me about 1 week to make. That’s including the lining and stuff. Most people say you don’t have to make the lining, and just attached zipper and handles.

I don’t have a real job yet, so I do knit quite fast in order to catch the birthday date for my niece-in-law. But I think if I do have a job, I’m thinking about 1.5 weeks to 2 weeks.

The body is not that hard to make really.
I used Cascade 220 in Tutu color. 3 skeins. and for the eyes and nose, I used leftover Cascade 220 in dark color like jet.

A pig with wings would be super duper cute.

Love it love it love it!!!

heee…that is so cute! Great job!

I love it! All of her patterns are great but this one is really unique.