FO: Year of the Pig Bag

May I present Year of the Pig Bag by NoniDesigns.

I made this pig bag for my niece-in-law who’s 2 this year. The pig pattern is under Spring 2007 catalog. You can find the pattern on your LYS.

The pattern is pretty easy to follow, the only downside is the lining, handles, and of course ZIPPER. But the pattern has good instructions on how to attach the lining, handles, and zipper, and it even has a tutorial on its website.

And… who can resist this cute curly pig tail? ( I instantly bought the pattern when I saw the tail) :happydance:

And more photos and info are on my blog.

That is SOOOO cute
Oh My God
I love the tail and the face and everything.
great job

Thank you. Me too. It’s for a birthday present though, and it was hard to let it go.

That is tooo cute! I’m going to look for the pattern at my LYS this week!

Awww that is so cute!

OOOh how cute is that piggy. What pattern is that.
I have never made a bag before.

I live in the uk and i have not seen this pattern. Would you know where i can obtain one.


HI ritaw. The pattern is from Noni Designs.
If you go under store locator on the website, click search internationally. put your country. You should see a list of stores in UK that sells noni patterns.

Making a bag is actually fun. I can say that because I’m a bag person.

That is just so adorable. I love it!

That is adorable

That is so CUTE.You did a excellent job

That is so cute and different! I love it!

Oh! CUTE! :inlove:

I have a pig collection (but don’t generally announce it because people inundated me with them.) Must make this!

I love it. My dd is year of the pig it would be perfect for her. Better yet I checked the store locator and my lys carries Noni. Yippee!!

That is so cute!


That is BEYOND CUTE! I’ve got a 2.5 yr old dd who would not only play with that purse but would probably demand that she take it too bed as well. That said, I’m sure the little 2 year old (I’d have a very difficult time letting it go as well) will do the same.

VERY cute. WTG!:woot:

Ok, that is too cute for words! :inlove:

I simply must make one. Let me add that to my already ginormous list of projects :teehee:

Really great work!

Oh for goodness sakes! I need to stay out of this forum because I’m always seeing more things I want. That is just the cutest thing! :yay:

You did such a great job and I’m so impressed with the finishing (face, lining, handles). Your little niece is going to love this!


That is so, SO, SOOOO cute!!! I love it!! You did a great job finishing it as well, your niece is going to love it. I would have a really hard time giving it away too :stuck_out_tongue:


That is simply cuteness. But will a mere 2 year old appreciate all your hard work? I hope she likes it.

That is the cutest purse ever! I love it!