FO Woolly Thoughts Making Waves & Curve of Pursuit

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Woolly Thoughts, you should really check them out. They have the most amazing patterns! They can get a bit boring because they are all garter, but the results are so stunning, it keeps you (or me, anyway) motivated. Actually, I guess it isn’t boring to just make one - but I did 3 garter only projects in a row, and by the end I wanted to do anything but knit stitch!

Here are two of my recent Woolly Thoughts FOs:

Making Waves (Malabrigo worsted in Rhodesian and Frank Ochre)

Curve of Pursuit (in Louet Gems sport weight)

Wow, those are cool!


:shock: :thumbsup:

:passedout: Wow, you did a great job! Thanks for the link, those are neat!

Too cool! Thanks for the heads up on Woolly Thoughts!

Amazing!!! Really cool projects!

Wow! Those are incredible! Amazing job!

Awesome! I love the colors.

Ditto what everyone else said! Love both the items, and I’m going to go check out Wooly Thoughts. Thank you!

As everyone else has said WOW!! . The first thing that popped out of my mouth was that very word.
You did a great job on these and athough it was all garter stitch , i am sure it was all worthwhile now that you look at those two beautiful blankets .:slight_smile:


Ditto what everyone else has said. They look amazing.

Very cool! Thanks for the link!


These are awesome! I immediately went to ravelry to decide what one I want to make!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I’d love to just knit so these would be right up my alley… LOL!
Love what you have done and thanks for the link :happydance: TEMA:knitting: [/COLOR]

Wow! These are beautiful, and amazing! I spent quite a while looking through their website last night and found lots of things I’d love to make. Thanks for introducing me to woolly thoughts. Your work is really nice!!

Those are amazing! I really like the second one. I have looked at Wooly Thoughts patterns before-I think I’m going to have to queue one. Thanks for sharing these!

Does this tell you how much I love your work!??
Thanks for adding the link! WOW!