FO Wonton!

I decided my cat was missing out on the whole knitting thing. I’ve made gifts for lots of people I know and never anything for her, so when I came across the wonton in Knitty I thought it would be perfect! I started it last night and finished it this morning. I didn’t really worry about gauge since it was a cat toy, but it sort of became an overly large wonton…oh well!
When I gave it to Lucy, she was just waking up from a nap and she sniffed it, gave it a couple of whacks, a little bite and that was it.
Here’s the pattern: I cut up an old holey sock to stuff it and I put a bell in for good measure!
Here she is playing half heartedly with the wonton…

:inlove:Awww! Lucy is so pretty, and she loves her new toy. I may have to make one for my little darlings.

Lucy is so cute!! Great job on the cat toy…I need to make our kitten, Bella, one… I have to keep all my knitting up…she thinks anything with wool has to be her momma:teehee:…

How cool, now I can knit some cat toy’s for my cats.

I have 2 of them, Moses (male, big, fat, aprox. 15 lbs) and Fluffy (female, small, petete with a beautiful tail).



What a cute idea! Maybe if you put a little catnip inside she’d play with it more…

Oh there’s catnip in it…and I rubbed some ON it too. She just doesn’t seem to interested. You never know though, sometimes she takes a little while to warm up to a toy! It was fun to make though!

Pretty Kitty Cat! :heart: I’m sure Lucy will warm up to her new toy soon. Fluff (original name huh?) is always indifferent to new toys. Then later I catch him playing with it when I’m not looking. :doh:Trying to understand cats will make you :eyes: