FO/WIP - Baudelaire Sock (by Cookie A.)

One sock down, one to go! I wasn’t going to post until I had [I]both[/I] socks finished, but I am just so pleased with how the first one turned out that I couldn’t wait!

The pattern is Baudelaire by Cookie A., a toe up sock with a gusset/short row heel. I have to say that while this heel took a great deal of concentration for me, being my first time doing it this way, the results were well worth it. It is SUCH a well-fitted heel, I couldn’t say anything bad about it.

I used Bernat Sox, which is nothing special really but it actually worked great for this pattern and I love the bright colour. Stash busting, ya know! This was knit on a size 0 Addi Turbo, using magic loop.

Sock #2 will be cast on tonight, I promise!

You did a fabulous job on it! It’s such a pretty pattern!

It looks perfect!!!

impressive!! that pattern is just so pretty and the heel looks perfect!

Really like that sock - it looks better than the picture on the knitty website! Sock knitting is something I haven’t tried yet but am v. tempted especially by your version. Did you find it reasonably easy to knit? The knitty description suggests that it isn’t too hard, but what do you think? Thanks for sharing

It is gorgeous!!! I think the color brings out the pattern so well!

The pattern was very thoroughly written, every step word for word, even for the short row heel every row was written out whereas some patterns say something like “continue in this manner until X number of stitches are wrapped on each side…”, this pattern wasn’t like that.

If you’re somewhat familiar with sock knitting and lace and very basic cables, you can do it!!

The only thing I did different was that I used the magic cast on method instead of the figure 8 cast on for the toe.

Your sock looks great - the color shows the stitches perfectly! I love Cookie A’s patterns and want to knit all of them!

Ooh, pretty! I love the color! :inlove:

Do you think it’s detailed enough for a first time toe up knit? I have wanted to do a toe up sock and I :heart: Cookie A. patterns.

Your sock is exquisite. Wonderful work!

I love the colour, and the pattern. Very clever, I’m in awe!

knitqueen, that sock is gorgeous!! Don’t you just want to put on a flirty little skirt and run around in just those socks? :lol:

I’ve knit socks, but never any toe-up and none with the Magic Loop method, but I’m dying to try! These might have to be my first attempt!

Your sock is beautiful. I’d dang sure post the first after knitting it on size zero too! What patience - Wow! That size sure does make a gorgeous well knit product. I am in awe! LOVE it!

This was [I]my[/I] first toe-up knit, so YES!

Thanks everyone on the compliments:muah:. I’m just barely into the foot of the second sock - second socks always take longer than first socks for me, so it’ll be a week or two until I have an actual pair.

OH, it’s so PURTY!! TFS

Oh, that is so pretty! I’ve got to try one of her patterns!!

I think you picked out the perfect yarn to show off all of the nice patterns!!!


that is an absolutely gorgeous sock!! can’t wait to see the pair!

Gorgeous, KQ!!! :notworthy: :notworthy:

That sock is on my to-do list…I just have to get comfortable with toe-up sock knitting.

Ya know, toe up is hard to start with but then great. It’s so nice to be able to try on the sock as you go. It really helps with the fit.

Wow, that is a BEAUTIFUL sock!