FO: Wavy Boxes Baby Blanket

I got it done. I knitted it on size 11 straights. That was kinda tricky but as I’m currently unemployed, DH wasn’t impressed by me telling him I needed more knitting needles. I used Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn in aqua/pink. For some reason the color looks grayish or something in the pic though. It’s not.

Here’s a pic of the corner so you can see the color better.

:happydance: very pretty … it looks nice and cozy!!

It’s beautiful :cheering: :thumbsup:

Wow!! Nicely done!! :thumbsup:

Great job! Lovely!

OMG I love it!

I want to make a baby blanket with the same waffle pattern.

Very nice! I’ve been working on this same blanket! Haven’t touched it for a while though.

Thanks all. :slight_smile:

Now I’m without a project and I’m totally not sure what to do next. Any ideas? :thinking:

That blanket came out beautiful! You did a great job. :happydance:

OMGosh that’s just beautiful!

:inlove: The blanket is lovely. If you’re looking for something easy and relatively quick I’m working on a felted bag. It’s called the Belle Felted Handbag by Brooks Jones. You can access it on knittingpatterncentral. I really like it. I started it last Sunday night and I’m just about done knitting the handles then all I have to do is wash it.

Happy Knitting!!

Nadja :XX: