FO - Wave Stitch Tank

I’m so excited I finished it. I ushaully knit boring things, nice and simple. I was trying to get outside my box for this one lol.


Wow, that top is gorgeous! And it fits you perfectly!

well done!

Beautiful job!! :cheering:

Excellent! Look at all those color changes! :happydance:

It looks fantastic!! Excellent job!!! :cheering: :happydance:

Love it, what a cute outfit! The colors really work well together, and it fits to a “T.” Good job!

I love it !where did you get the pattern?

see my blog got pattern info

Really beautiful!

That is so pretty! :thumbsup:

So cute! Perfect for this weather we’re having, too! :wink:

That’s awesome, and the colors are way cool! :thumbsup:

that looks really great. I love it

Oh, that is just so pretty. You did a wonderful job on it. I love the colors too. :happydance:

Wow, it’s wonderful!!

Fabulous! :heart:

Awesome! It looks so great on you! Totally makes me want to make one

Gorgeous :cheering: :cheering: And, it looks GREAT on you :thumbsup:

What a perfect fit! And that pattern looks complicated but you executed it so well!

That is very pretty. Nice work.

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