FO - Warm Stripings Hat

I made this hat for one of my daughter’s teammates. After she saw me give a pair of socks to one of the other girls, she requested that I make her a hat, asking that it have a “thing-y” on the top and “thing-y’s” on the sides.

I had the [B][COLOR=Sienna]January 2008 issue of Creative Knitting[/COLOR][/B], and I knew immediately that the Warm Stripings Hat was the perfect pattern.

I used [COLOR=SeaGreen][B]Naturally Vero[/B][/COLOR], color #18, as suggested by the pattern.

I finally got to use the little caps that KP sends you with your cables. I used Magic Loop for this pattern and used a cable to hold some of the stitches while I worked on the first ear flap.

Thanks for looking! :muah:

Great hat with a thingy on the top and thingies on the sides!!! I think you nailed this one. Wonderful job!

That is a very cool “thingy” hat! Love the colors!

You’ve been busy! Love the “Thingy” hat, especially the color.

Thanks y’all! I’m thinking I might have to rename this the “Thing-y Hat.” :teehee:

The “Thing-y Hat” looks great. Love the colours.

I love the colors and the cute pattern.


That is a very cool hat. The yarn makes a neat effect. Nice opportunity to use your needle thing-ys. A great teenager’s hat.

Great hat. The colors look very nice.:thumbsup:

Hey Nathalie,

That’s the thingy I’ve been wanting to make for Kate. I’ll have to look up the pattern and see if it’ll fit her two year old, 19 inch head.

Is that a soft yarn?


i love your thing y hat lol. its going to be added to the near future to do list for sure. thanks for the link also :inlove:

Great thingy :slight_smile:

What great colors on the “Thing-y Hat”.

LOL - too cute! Love the colors! It turned out great!

Yes, the yarn is soft, although not like an alpaca “soft.” What is interesting about this yarn is that it has thick and thin spots, much like Noro Kureyon, which I’ve knitted with for several projects. However, unlike the Kureyon, the Vero is much softer.

This yarn is also very warm. I put the hat on several times after finishing it, and that’s what struck me the most. It’s going to be nice and cozy during those cold days.

Thanks, all, for your kind words. :hug:

Very nice job!! Love the hat.

I use my cable caps all the time!

Too cute! She’s going to love it. Love the colors you chose.

Like your colors.

Really Fun !!!

What a darling ‘thingy’ hat. Love the colors too.