FO: Unique little hat

I was trying for something whimsical to go with the gingerbread castle sweater.
I’m hoping it’ll be the “crowning” glory.

I used the same Caron SPA yarn, 91sts on sizes 2, 3 & 4 needles.
#4 for the body, #3 for the garter st band & #2 for a K1, P1 hem on the inside of the garter st band.

Wow, how awesome is that ? Beautiful work too.

Very cute! You do beautiful work!

Absolutely perfect!!! Love how it came out!

Now THAT’S neat!! I love it!


That is so cute! I just love it. Nice work.

How wonderful! It is a truly unique piece of art to wear. Congrats on doing a great job. I love the color too.

I can’t remember when I’ve seen a cuter hat than this! Just adorable! LOVE IT TO PIECES!!! Great work! Perfect stitches! The crown is impeccable!

OMG, that is so cute! It will be perfect with the sweater!!

The hat is SO cute! It will be perfect with the gingerbread castle sweater. I hope you can get a picture of the baby wearing the sweater and hat.

That is TOO adorable! It will be a great turret for the castle.

I made size 12-18 months, so we’ll have a bit of a wait for pictures of her modeling it.

You succeeded! Great go with for the castle sweater. It looks like it could be a castle tower. :heart: Great details. The bobbles are a nice accent.