FO: Uncle Argyle Scarf 2

My second Uncle Argyle scarf, for son #4. The pattern is from Son of Stitch 'N Bitch and the yarn is Cascade 220. For this one I created right-side and wrong-side charts in Excel, which was a big help for my chart-challenged brain.

That is a super cool scarf :slight_smile:

I love it!! Nice job.

Well, that’s amazing!! Beautiful!!



Oohhhhh! :inlove: That is gorgeous! I just love this scarf and have the pattern now, but haven’t had time to play with it yet. Great idea to reverse the chart!

Now to learn how to double knit w/o wanting to poke my eyes out… :teehee:

That. is. hot.

ohhhh, neat!

great idea on wrong side chart, I’m sure if I even venture into double knitting I’ll need to do that!

Thats double knitted? I just learned with the double knit hot pad. But instead of doing a right and wrong side pattern chart, I typed out the pattern as I would knit it, the chart was such a headache. Once I typed it up though, its fairly simple to figure out. I just might give that scarf a try, can you tell me where to get the pattern? Beautiful job by the way.:thumbsup:

That looks fantastic.

That’s just too cool! I bow before your awesome double-knitting skills. :notworthy:

Gorgeous scarf! And great idea with the charts :thumbsup:

Hey Slim! What a great idea with the reverse charts! I will remember that tip!

The scarf is awesome. Just simply AWESOME! You are a wonder!

Holy heavens! That is Awesome.

Thanks! The pattern is in Debbie Stoller’s book, [I]Son of Stitch 'N Bitch[/I], which is available through Amazon for about $10, or $5.49 used. There are lots of other great patterns in this book too, if you have a guy to knit for. Here’s a link: Son of Stitch 'N Bitch

:inlove: Very pretty!! I’m going to have to look for this pattern :thumbsup:

absolutely awesome!!

You did a wonderful job. Love it!

That is probably one of the most beautiful scarves I’ve ever seen.


Ooooh, superb work, Slim. :yay: :yay: :thumbsup: :yay:

that is gorgeous!!!