FO - Ugly Sweater

I really do love the orange, though! Some of the little “hairs” in the mohair are the same color as my hair. :smiley:
My seaming leaves something to be desired and the neckline is ugly ugly ugly…But my first sweater is complete. As a bonus, here’s the nautilus hat I finished yesterday (you can better see the color of the sweater in that picture).

It doesn’t look ugly! And it fits you very well. But if you don’t like it it’s ok–1st sweaters are always a learning experience. Love the hat, too!

You made a sweater and it FITS!!! :cheering: Be proud, don’t put it down!! It looks great.

The hat is amazing!

Thanks, Mer.

I forgot to mention, the pattern is London Calling from S’n’B Nation. And considering how “little” time it took me to knit, it took forever to finish! It took me all but the last fifteen minutes of Supertroopers to seam the thing!

The sweater is cute! It looks good on you! And so does that cute little hat! I like how the holes spiral.

haha super troopers…you mightve been too busy laughing to seam the sweater.

It DOES look really good on you, Cate! I like the orange…REALLY good with your coloring! (I’ve always wanted red hair)

Thanks, everyone. :slight_smile:

Kelly, every time I buy an orange top (which is actually pretty often :roflhard: ), everyone tells me, “Oh, I can’t wear orange!” Yes, you CAN! It’s just a color! :smiley:

Oh I LOVE orange! Especially corals and burnt oranges! They look good on ME, too! (If I must say so myself!)

I love that sweater! Really you did an awesome job! :thumbsup:

I can’t wear orange, but I think it’s a cute sweater! Like the hat, too!

The orange looks great on you! Orange is a bit too bright for me to wear. Green is a better color for me to wear though :slight_smile:

What pattern did you use?

You know, pretty much all I wear is orange or brown. I guess I’m going to the right school. :stuck_out_tongue:
Jenelle, it’s “London Calling” from Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Nation, but without the colorwork.

:cheering: Great job on your first sweater!!! It looks wonderful and I love the hat :thumbsup:

Love the hat and I see nothing wrong with the sweater! I know sometimes things dont turn out how we planned but most of them will have a use anyway.

I think both the sweater and color are too cute :cheering: :cheering: I love, love your hat, too! Where did you get the hat pattern? I am a bit of a hat freak :wink:
You should be proud of your 1st sweater! We often find flaws in our work that others never see :wink:
EDIT I found the pattern…it’s Marnies’ Nautilus hat :happydance: :happydance:

Cate - I love the both!! I really do - and especially the orange!

Cate, the sweater looks great!! I like it. My first sweater is ugly- I look at it sometimes and laugh. I still wear it, though- and it was a learning experience, for sure! :smiley:

It’s a love sweater, and YOU MADE IT. Be proud, some of us (i.e. me) can’t get past scarves, teddies (the cuddly kind, not other), hats and wrist warmers. My new years resolution.

PS LOVE the color. :heart:

I think it’s a great sweater ! Very pretty and fits you so well. You should be proud

I love both projects! I really like the sweater too! I know that some projects don’t come out the way you imagine it in your head, (I have froged so many!). But hey you finished it!

Besides, the sweater would look cute with a slightly longer, ribbed,white cotton shirt or tank underneath, just peeking out the bottom and a pair of jeans! Totally cute! :cheering:

:roflhard: I’m not the fashion police or anything! I would love that sweater in my closet and that’s just how I would wear it! :roflhard: