FO - Two Tone Ribbed Shrug from "Fitted Knits"

[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2]I finished this a number of weeks ago actually, but only got around to taking pictures yesterday. I have such a hard time with making garments that I actually like once they’re finished and I think I FINALLY have one here that I’m happy with!! :woohoo: I’ve worn in a number of times and have gotten lots of great compliments on it and that makes it feel all the better!

I modified it slightly and am very happy that I did. The actual pattern has a very high neckline in the back which I knew I wouldn’t like, even though it says that you can fold it down, so I was brave and inserted a whole bunch of short rows so that the back of the neckline stayed lower but the rest of the ribbing is still the right length according to pattern. I winged it but it turned out and I’m so happy I decided to modify it. It fits well, is comfortable and I think I’ll wear it quite a bit. It’s not overly warm though so I’m thinking it’ll be perfect for spring when a t-shirt isn’t quite enough.

The yarn is Patons Decor, so nothing too special but it works and is machine washable and has softened up a lot with a few washings.

very beautiful. i LOOOOVE shrugs and think they are very feminine. good job

What a great fit! You look great in it :thumbsup:! I should make myself a shrug too :??

Very nice job and it looks great on you!

Beautiful! :inlove:

I’m so impressed that you took a leap of faith with the alterations too. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

:yay: :yay: :yay: i love it!!! You did a great job!! I just got fitted knits for christmas and that shrug is on my to do list. I also planned to make it in one color. I love the alteration you made. how many short rows did you add? and how far across did you go?

You did a fantastic job, it looks lovely on you! :cheering:


Looks great! I just bought Fitted Knits and I have been doing my gauge swatches for this shrug (with little success). I am going to do it in a lovely emerald green.
How long did it take you to knit? I hope mine turns out as fitted as yours. My gauge seems off. Mind if I pm you for help when I’m knitting?

Very lovely shrug! I would like to make one of those some day.:cheering:

Thanks everyone.

Knitgal, it only took me about a week to make. And I too had problems with gauge - actually my gauge was okay but I couldn’t figure out which size to make. It’s not too specific exactly HOW you’re supposed to measure shoulder to shoulder. So I chose what I thought was the right size, got to the underarm and tried it on and had to do a few more rows so ended up going to the next size up. So the body fits well but I wish the sleeves were a tad snugger.

I’ll try to get back later and describe how I did the short rows for the neckline.

oh, very cute!

i’m working on a shrug myself and am afraid it won’t turn out as good! :slight_smile:

that came out sooooo good!! i like it one color! :inlove:

This is what I did for the short rows (pretty much…I didn’t write it down and can’t remember exactly): I picked up the stitches as in the pattern for the neckline and worked one round. Then on the next round (I believe the beginning of round was at the right shoulder edge) I worked 4 stitches into the round, then wrap & turn. Worked around to 4 stitches past the left shoulder marker, w&t. Each time I turned I worked until 4 stitches before the previous wrapped stitch, then w&t each time. I did this until the length of the ribbing on the back was the same as the # of rounds given in the pattern [I]before[/I] the increase rounds start, so in the case of the size I was doing this was 14rnds. Once that was reached, I did one round picking up all the wraps and then proceeded with the rest of the pattern as written.

Was the one in the pattern two toned? I don’t see 2 colors on this or am I missing something.:shrug: Your shrug turned out very nicely. The fit is perfect. I think you were right to change the back of the neck; you certainly wouldn’t want it any higher.

:teehee: Yes, the pattern called for one colour for the body and a different (VERY contrasting in the book) colour for the ribbing around the body and the sleeve cuffs. It was too flashy for my liking so I made it one-tone instead of two!

Edited to add: If you click on this link, and scroll down to ‘customer images’ you can see what the shrug in the book looks like. It’s the hot pink one with blue ribbing.

I love it, and I’m so impressed with your modifications! I’ve seen several of these shrugs and you version is definitely the best I’ve seen. Great job!

:thumbsup: I love the color and the fit of it…you did a great job :happydance:

That’s very pretty!

Your shrug turned out beautifully! I love it, and how cool that your modifications worked so well!