FO: "Twisted Sister" purse

I made this purse for my little sister for Christmas. I played around with cables and pattern stitches until I made something I liked. It’s about 8"HX6"W and made with less than 1 ball of Red Heart Soft. It’s self lined too!
I’m going to Joann’s today to get ribbon to run through the eyelets. :cheering:

I don’t know what to name it - any ideas?

Thanks for looking!

Very Cute! I think the next project for me is going to be a purse!


Very nice! You should name it after your sister.

What do you mean by “self lined?”

Since it has cables and you made it for your sister, why not call it “Twisted Sister”? It’s very cool!

Great looking bag!

I’d go with this one! :yay:

Pretty! Love the color!

RoseyBee - It is now the “Twisted Sister”. You have no idea how appropriate that is. LOL Thanks!
GardenGirl - It’s self lined because basically I knit the bag double the length I wanted then folded the top half into the bottom - so it “lined” itself. :slight_smile:

All I have to do now is sew the bottom shut. I am sooo making one of these for me! :inlove:

Here are some pics showing how the ribbon closes it.

Cute bag! Yeah, call it TWISTED SISTER! :happydance:

:happydance: very cute!!