FO-Trio Bag

I finally finished my Trio bag made with Crystal Palace Trio yarn (colors are Kiwi-Circus and Kiwi-Celery)…it’s a little floppy, but I think once filled with :inlove: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarn :inlove: it should be just perfect :inlove:

That came out beautiful, Andrea! :inlove:

Beautiful, Andrea! :cheering: :cheering:

Andrea that’s beautiful! :inlove:

Love it! :inlove: The colours are great together.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Veeeeeery preeeeety! I just love those colors together!

I knit that bag a few months ago. :cheering: Mine looks just like yours!! :happydance: It is very floppy but still pretty. I’ve used it to carry a project in once. I think it would turn out well in a chenille yarn also. That is a bit more “stiff” and might have more “body” to it than the yarns we knit ours out of. :smiley:

Very pretty!!

Floppy is good, especially for this bag. I love it as is. :cheering:

Love it :thumbsup:

I can have 20 (!) skeins of yarn in mine!!!

OHMYGOSH. You are a dream come true. I know what I’m going to do with my crystal palace yarn now! I have 5 skeins and had planned to make a tank top but the stitch would be too revealing. NOW I know what I can make and be able to use. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

I just need a great big HUG SMILEY right now :slight_smile: Your purse is beautiful btw!

~danielle~ :cheering: :cheering:

Danielle!!! :cheering: :cheering: That’s awesome!!! It’s easy, but the icord trim gave me a headache while I was trying to remember how to do it!!

Make sure you post a FO when you finished!! :cheering:

And thanks, everyone! :heart:

:heart: the bag! I’ve never tried knitting with the Crystal Palace yarn…hmm… :thinking: I have a new item on my must-knit list! :wink: Nice work!

In the pattern it says to use 26 inch cord on the size 11 needles? Is that what you used? 79 stitches doesn’t even come close to filling up the cable and I’ll never be able to join it in the round. 16 inch would make more sense to me. Let me know incase I’m doing something wrong!


I think it was closer to the 20" inch or so (if there is a 20"). Do you have Denises? It was the top cable on the left side of the box and the size 11s…

ooohhhhh pretty! I bet you get a lot of compliments!

I’m using the boye’s needlemaster system (might I addthat I HATE the connections and wish I had a chance to try them out before buying them). I’m using the shortest cable which I believe is 20inches. It feels a little tight, but maybe it’ll get better after I do a few rows. They are always catawombus (sp) until it gets going! Thanks!



Wow, that’s gorgeous!
Great job, chica! :thumbsup: