FO: Traveling Woman Shawl (My very first lace project!)

AHHH! My first go at a ‘real’ lace project!! :o)
Cast on last night and finished the stockinette portion. Thanks to the new Options needles making a lifeline was super easy (also thanks to the board for suggesting it!). My camera doesn’t really do the yarn justice - it’s Dream In Color Starry, Go Go Green… very nice shades of green with silver.

(Hopefully those are the correct size - I put 800 pixels in the editor thingy… if they’re too large just lemme know ;o)

All finished and blocked!

It grew about 10.5 inches during blocking… I <3 it.

It’s really lookin’ great so far, Evan! I love :heart: that soft little white satiny thread that’s inside the twist of the yarn! It really punches up the colorway! Like a bit of a twinkle! This is going to be a beaut! :thumbsup:

Very Pretty! I look forward to seeing the FO.

Done with 1 repeat… I think I’m going to shoot for getting 5 outta the yarn I have :o)

Looking good, can’t wait to see the FO.

What a beautiful soft color! It’s lookin’ good so far!!

Almost done… all bound off, just needs to be blocked tomorrow (my LYS is going to help me and let me use the fancy steam blocker!!!) :o)
I used some Christmas ornaments to pull the points down so I could get a better feel for what it’ll look like… I’m hoping to block them to look much ‘sharper’ though!
I’m so excited!!!

It’s beautiful! A Christmas gift?


Now I have to go add that to my queue!

I haven’t really decided what to do with it yet… I put a LOT of work into it and can’t really think of anyone that would wear it :o/ For now I’ll probably hang it on the part of the mantle without Christmas decorations.

Added some blocked pictures :o)

It’s beautiful :heart: And your first lace project? I’m so impressed!!

WOW that is just amazing!! :cheering:

ME!! ME!! I’d wear it!!! :slight_smile:

Evan, that’s absolutely beautiful. :woot: You should be very proud of your work. Love, Love, Love the color!

LOL!! that’s what I was thinking, Melanie!!

Its really pretty, I can’t believe that’s your first lace project!

This is really beautiful!