FO This Little Piggy is DONE!

She is no longer a naked little piggy. She has modesty. She has her undies covered FINALLY! The metal you see is the doll stand holder. NO PIGGIES were harmed in the making of this post. Here she is fellow knitters… This Little Piggy!!!

Oh my, it is adorable. It made makes me smile.

And a proper little madam she looks to!!

You need to show a picture of her little curly tail too!

She is lovely. Well done on that . Your DGD will be so thrilled :slight_smile:

She looks like she is all dressed up to go to market, definately not the one who stayed home. :slight_smile: She’s adorable.

LOL - she is simply too cute!

Oh it looks great! Now you can get back to those scarves!

:thumbsup: Great job!!!

She’s GORGEOUS!! Great job! :slight_smile:

She’s adorable!
I love her little outfit–it’s great.

oh, that is so darn cute!

So one of the other members of our KH site came to my house the other day and did the small amount of crochet needed to finish This Little Piggy. I thought I’d show you her curly tail… she goes to her new home today and I will post a picture of my DGD as she gets her new toy when I get back home tomorrow.

aww she’s so sweet:)

I delivered This Little Piggy to my DGD yesterday. She is in LOVE! The funny part of the story is that I used a pattern called Bitsy Bear so when DGD asked me what the bear’s name was I said “Bitsy”. Well, keep in mind that my DGD is only 3 1/2 years old. YES you got it, poor piggy got called BITCHY all night long. Today we convinced her to call the toy Piggy instead.

Here’s the happy new “Mommy” with her baby!

Lol How funny! I am so glad she liked it. She is adorable . what a beautiful little girl. I am sure you are such a proud nana. :slight_smile:

Thanks, yes other than knitting those two children are what makes the sun rise in the morning for me!

Ahhh What a beautiful thing to say . You are lovely. :slight_smile:

She is very cute!