FO: Sweater from recycled yarn

I finally knitted a sweater for myself. When I saw this thread, I knew that sweater would be one I could wear in South Florida. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. After I finished, I put it in the washer and dryer, and I love the feel of it. It is a cotton yarn, but I do not remember what kind. Not bulky, though. I used a size bigger needle, and made it a size larger than I would have otherwise. Click herefor the sweater pattern. I knitted it in pieces as the pattern directed. I do not mind seaming. Thanks ‘robinknits’ for the inspiration. I do not know how you managed to turn the pattern upside down! I think I will definitely knit another sweater from this same pattern, with new yarn! Right now I am knitting a white, lacy baby blanket for our new granddaughter due in December!

This is the sweater I unraveled. I knitted in 1996 just before we moved to Florida, and only wore it a couple of times. I did not like the sleeves on the sweater. I felt like I could be flying away! Over the years I had considered taking out the sleeves and re-doing them, but I never did. In fact I did not knit at all for six years. Then I started doing all baby and children’s things.

WOW! Great job!! I can understand not being keen on the original. The new version is fabulous! Very stylish. I’ve ‘recycled’ some of my own projects (several times in some cases) but have just started picking up thrift store sweaters and frogging them.


Beautiful! Love the new version!

The new version looks great.

Cam, thanks for you kind comments. I have frogged completed sweaters before, but never to knit another sweater, only to do scarfs, hats, etc.

Looks great!

I really love the new sweater! How frugal of you to recycle the yarn. I probably would have just given it away or let it sit in the closet!

wow both are pretty!!! awe:star:some job!!

Thanks. I did let it sit for 11 years!

Your recycled sweater looks awesome. The style and fit are very flattering on you. Enjoy wearing it and feel beautiful in it! Way to go!:cheering:

You did a great job. Looks so pretty.

That looks so great on you! You go girl!!! :cheering:

Thanks everybody. The pattern is easy (once you get the hang of the center lace panel), and I really do plan to do another one for myself – as soon as I get caught up with all the baby and children’s knitting!

May I ask you what size you made yours in? I think I would like to try knitting that pattern, but not sure what size to do it in.

I did the number of sts, etc. for size small, but it came out xs because my yarn was not chunky (even though I used larger needles – one size bigger). The fabric is very stretchy, so you can go down one size and it will fit fine. If you do start the sweater, I will share that there is a small error in the top shaping of the front piece. ‘robinknits’ did the sweater from the top down, so would have no problem there.

Good luck!

It’s beautiful! Stroke of genius to recycle something you’ll never wear, plus yours looks better than the photo shown with the pattern. Excellent. :thumbsup: