FO: Sweater for myself

I’ve only made one sweater for myself (that I actually kept) before this and got rid of it years ago. This is based on Drops pattern 127-13 like the bright green one I made a while back for my youngest daughter. I liked the pattern and thought I’d like one. This yarn was the wrong gauge so I knit the smallest size and hoped for the best. I also made a lot of changes including going with 2 colors and intarsia leaves this time and adding bobbles (pattern had some but not exactly the same). Yarn is Queensland Kathmandu DK (merino, silk, cashmere blend).

That’s so pretty Judy! Glad knitting the smaller size worked out for you!

Love it! Your adventurousness paid off big time! That’s beautiful and very nicely done. I’m really glad you made something so lovely for yourself. You really need to keep it.

Beautiful colors and it sounds like luscious yarn. The fit is perfect so the decisions on size worked out very well. Definitely a keeper. Enjoy this one yourself, Judy!

It is very nice and I love the green! Great job!

As always, your work turns out a Winner! I feel ya…about Plan B…then maybe Plan C…so that it turns out as you envision! Great work! The cardigan fits so nicely, too!

Very nice. Good work!

ooooo very very nice. I admire people who make sweaters!! Hard to do! ( I think! ) I am sure you will get many compliments when you wear it and then can say…hmmmm I MADE IT!! :slight_smile:

very nice!

WOW!! With bobbles Too!! Shoot…they make me cringe… :yay:

Thanks everybody for the recent comments. I missed the alert that I had a comment and when I finally saw it today I had several :hug: .

With bobbles Too!! Shoot…they make me cringe…

I was wondering in what way bobbles made you cringe? :lol: My youngest daughter (over 30 now) wanted bobbles left off of the similar sweater I made for her. She said they always made her think of old ladies. :slight_smile: Of course, I disagree with that assessment but I think I qualify anyhow. :lol: You can’t argue against someones take on style. I don’t think we understand ourselves why we like one thing and not another and I don’t get offended over the tastes of others.

I made my bobbles smaller than the pattern said to and put them between the leaves instead of right over them and, of course, their sweater was all one color. I don’t mind making bobbles but all that turning back and forth is a pain. This time I knitted back backwards instead of turning to purl back, much easier.