FO: Sweater(finally) for grandson

[color=darkblue]I got the sweater all done that I made for my three year old grandson Drew. :slight_smile:
Mistakes but learned a lot. The left arm up in the shoulder area got messed up. It was longer than it should have been and I sewed it into place anyway. Lot to learn but happy with it,

:cheering: :cheering: Oh Susie!! That is gorgeous! What a great job you did. You’ve been knitting for what–2 months? I love it!!

that is an awesome sweater!

oooh i LOVE it!

Great job! He’s gonna love it! :happydance:

So cute!! Great job! :cheering:

I think that looks great! Very professional.

Excellent job! I love it!

[color=darkblue] :happydance: Wow, thanks everyone. You all make me feel ‘so’ good. :slight_smile:
I had my two month anniversary on Thursday. The yarn shop owner wants to put a photo of my sweater on her site so she can show what a newbie can do. Isn’t that cool???
Enjoy your Sunday,
Susie :XX: [/color]

WTG on the sweater and the LYS! What a killer deal!

[color=darkblue]Thanks Denise. :slight_smile:

Look at you go Susie! Great job on the sweater - I definitely could not have done that when I hit my 2 month knitting mark. It looks really good Susie, you should be very proud!

I’m SURE you could have done it too at two months but that sure was a nice compliment.

:happydance: Great job!!

Thanks for liking the sweater.
You sure have a BIG list there of things you have and will make. Great job,

Sus! It lokos FANTASTIC!!

What yarn and what pattern, please!

Susie, it’s just gorgeous…I love it, very professional looking…OUTSTANDING JOB :cheering: :cheering:

[color=darkblue]Hi Kelly,
Thanks for liking the sweater.
The yarn is Encore by Plymouth Yarn. It is knitting worsted weight. 75% Acrylic and 25% wool. It is what the yarn shop gal suggested.
The pattern is one I bought at her shop. It is called the Roll Raglan in crew & mock turtle-neck by Yankee Knitter Designs. It has Child sized 1 to 14 and Adult 36" to 50".
I found it on line at the link below but I’m sure there are tons of other places:
Happy Monday,

Professional looking eh? Wow, what a compliment.
Appreciate it…enjoy your Monday,

What a nice picture of you!!