FO~summer scarf from KnitPicks pattern

i did this for my grandmother… first scarf ever…quite boring… may be a while till i do another one. now i have the dreaded baby blanket to look forward to. :rollseyes:
i made it wider than the pattern called for trying to get rid of the ugly yarn it called for. hopefully my grandmother will like it… as you can see i’m not a scarf person so its a bit ugly to me. but she likes that kind of stuff.

modeling for us the afternoon is Miss Calease.

She looks like a diva! :thumbsup:

Carmel…your scarf is lovely, girl :smiley: I’m sure that grandmother will love it :wink: .
Model looks like a dahlin’

Very cute! :thumbsup:

Well, the scarf is adorable and I’m sure it will brighten your grandmother’s day. I bet she will wear it with a lot of pride and think of you each time she wraps herself in it.

Now… Do you really like knitting? Or, are you just being mean to yourself? Hmmm? :thinking:

…quite boring…

…dreaded baby blanket…

…ugly yarn…

…its a bit ugly…

if i didn’t like knitting i wouldn’t be doing it.
its the long boring stuff i don’t like… like scrafs and blankets…

Well, I think your scarf is a delight and your model is adorable! :heart:

Your model is adorable! Nice of you to make what you know she will like, even if it’s not to your taste.

Mama Bear

yeah i had to put it down a couple of times to do something eles. but i had a deadline and i was done by then so it was all good.

So cute! That is a great looking green too :slight_smile: