FO: Starsky Jr

I loved knitting this sweater. The directions were very clear, and I enjoyed doing the cable pattern – could not ever memorize it, but it was fun to do. Yarn: Lion Cotton-ease, size 4-6. The pattern is free here:
And best of all, my DGD LOVES the sweater!

BEAUTIFUL! You did an incredible job!!:heart:


Oh my goodness! How cute is that! Your DGD is adorable!

gorgeous!! so is the sweater!!

Gorgeous! and she’s a cutie! Great job!

What a beautiful job you did on that sweater.

That’s a beautiful sweater, and such a lovely young lady modeling it. That’s what I call Success! :yay:

Awww, she looks so cute in her beautiful sweater!

Thanks so much, everybody! Encouragement means so much. I mostly lurk in the background of this forum, but I love to see the FO’s (and WIP’s) that are posted here. They inspire me to try new patterns and techniques.

That is so cute. I love it.

The sweater is adorable and so is the little one! :slight_smile:

She is so happy in her sweater! You did a great job :inlove:

TOO cute! The kiddo and the sweater :slight_smile:

Thanks again, to everybody else! I was especially pleased with the fit of this sweater. Last year I knit her a size 6 sweater (she was 4) and it is still too big. I hesitated doing the 4-6 in this pattern, thinking she might outgrow it too soon, but she does have a little sister who will grow into it in a few years. So I can’t go wrong!

The thank you from me is for introducing your adorable granddaughter to us, and pointing out a really cute sweater for my DGD.

Thank you! I plan to knit the next size up, two or three years from now! I made the sleeves 1.5 inches shorter than the pattern.

Very Pretty! I think my granddaughter needs one of those … clicking pattern link !

Very nice cardigan, beautiful work and I just love that sweet lil model!

That is a beautiful sweater!! You did a wonderful job on it. It looks perfect on your granddaughter.