FO: Sophie ... yes, another bag

Finally, I get to post an FO. It seems like it’s been forever. And actually, I should have another to post tomorrow. :cheering:

So, here is dear Sophie, a birthday present for my Mom:

[size=6]Before[/size] – duhhhh … I forgot to take a picture before I started felting. So, this is actually after one cycle through the washer.

[size=6]After[/size] – and another BIG duhhh … notice the bleach pen used for size reference in the first picture? I wonder why I didn’t think to put it as a size reference in the 2nd picture? :doh:

Overally, I am really happy with this bag. The colors just make me :sunny: … Hopefully, Mom will feel the same way! :wink:

I think Momma will love it! The colors are PURTY!!! :inlove:

It is very pretty. Your Mom will love it! :heart:

The bag is just beauiful!! What brand yarn did you use? I like how the handle is “twisted” Just beautiful. I’m a bag lady too!! :roflhard:

Beautiful, I :heart: the colors! I’m sure your mom will love it!

Oh, shoot!! Did I forget to post The Particulars?!

OK … It is Lamb’s Pride Rosado Rose and Noro Kureyon #95.

It’s double-stranded throughout w/ 2 strands of the pink for the bottom, the top 4 rows and the handles. The Noro Kureyon is substituted for a strand of the pink in the body of the bag.

It’s really quite thick and sturdy!

Gorgeous! I think that is my favorite bag of yours yet!

Beautiful - I’m sure she’ll love it!


You did the colors just right! It’s flawless!

And we have the same washer! heh.

Thanks, ladies! :smiley:

And, Candace, don’t ya’ love this washer?! I know you’re not supposed to be able to felt in a front-loader, but mine works fine for that. It just takes a little longer, I’m sure.

Again, thanks! I really like this bag, too. I might just have to make myself one. :thumbsup:

That turned out so well, I’m just blown away.

Perfect colors, I’m sure Mom will :heart: it!

I love it, Julie! I’ve yet to do anything with Kureyon and I love how it came out!

Yes Julie I love my washer! I did a Sophia a while back (I ought to post the pics) and it felted after two washes, but it was only one strand.

What size needles did you use? I’d like to make my next one this size.

Candace – I inadvertently used size 10s. I meant to use 10-1/2s, but grabbed the wrong set. I guess it worked out, though!

Yes it did!

:smiley: absolutely PERFECT…Mom will LOVE it :heart:
LOL, I have done the same thing when referencing the size in pics…I always forget the do it the 2nd time :roflhard: :rofling:

Julie–it absolutely worked out!! IT’s beautiful…and it’s definitely my favorite too! Your mom is going to LOVE this bag! :heart: :wink: