FO - socks in "Impressionist" yarn

This is just the basic sock pattern for the Lion Magic Stripes yarn, combined with the standard pattern in Getting Started Knitting Socks (highly recommend!). I stopped the toes at 16 stitches wide instead of making them pointier at 8. I didn’t really like the look and this was my first time bucking a pattern! Basically, where you switch from a decrease/knit pattern on the toes to just repeating the decrease round - that’s where I stopped. Oh, and I did a 3 needle bind off.
The yarn is Artyarns Supermerino 8 in Monet’s Garden from Yarnmarket’s Impressionist collection. It took a little less than 3 hanks for a, um, [I]large[/I] women’s size.

Wow! Them’s some bright socks! :teehee: Lovely, though!!! :cheering:

I like that you adjusted the toes. I’ve found that I don’t like the pointy toes either. Doesn’t work when you have wider feet.

GREAT job! :thumbsup:

They are beautiful!! And great job going off the pattern. The first time is the hardest!!

Great colour! Don’t you love socks?

very nice! Ok, I’m gonna do it…

Very pretty - great job!!! :muah:

[CENTER][B]WOW! My opinion: BEAUTIFUL! What pretty colors too![/B]
[B]:thumbsup: [/B][/CENTER]

Nicely done!

Those are great! They looks comfy

Wonderful! What a bright and happy imression :wink:

Great colors and it looks like they fit great too!

Wonderful job. Beautiful colours too. Congrats and keep up the good work!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE that yarn! You were right to use a simple sock pattern. It lets the yarn’s colorations take the LIMELIGHT!

Wow they are great! I love that colour x

:happydance: Love the yarn…they look great!!

Nice job! They look good! :slight_smile: