FO: So, I made a blanket for my niece

I made a blanket for my niece for her 10th birthday and decided to crochet it as I wanted to try a ripple afghan. I made it big enough for her double bed.

Here is the finished product!

And here she is opening the gifty…

She loved it!! I’m so happy. :yay: I was a little worried.

very pretty. So glad she liked it.

Very pretty! :smiley:

That’s so gorgeous! I love the colors!

Wends, that afghan is beautiful! You did a fabulous job and the colors are so varied that it will look nice anywhere. You should be quite proud of your handiwork. This is something your niece will treasure for a very long time and perhaps even pass down to the next generation.

Good job!


It looks beautiful as does your niece-glad she liked it,you did a great job

WOW it looks fabulous. it must have took FOREVER!!!

Beautiful blanket! I love the way you ordered the colors. You have a good eye for design.

She’s very pretty. The afghan is beautiful, and having made one or six over the years, I know how much time and love to complete it.

Thanks everyone!! In the end I really liked it and wanted to keep it but I couldn’t deprive my poor little gal of the comfy thing lol.

It’s beautiful!