FO: Small (even tiny) finished projects

After finally finishing the sweater for my hubby I found that I need to work on small projects for a little while. Posted here is a sock bookmark, which I made after reading The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood. She has the pattern posted on her website.

I also knitted two dishcloths in a pattern called Flying Geese, the blue one for myself and the rainbow one (with another to come) for one of my best friends who just loves knitted dishcloths.

OTN: Another dishcloth and a bag to be felted.

I love your dishcloths!!! :heart: :heart:

What kind of yarn did you use??

I’ll go and Google the Flying Geese pattern
since I’ve never heard of it. (I’m new :oops: )
I really like the pattern, too.



The yarn for the dischloths was Sugar and Cream that I purchased from Michaels, very inexpensive, but I like how they turned out. Yeah, I found the Flying Geese pattern by googling, too, I think.

Those are beautiful!

:cheering: Wow everything is sooo preeetty. Great job on all of them!!

Loving everything! Aren’t little projects fun?!

In case someone couldn’t find the pattern

Here it is.

P.S I love the clothes and the colours :slight_smile:

Very Nice!

So great - I love the pattern in the dishcloths!

:happydance: Oh, what pretty dishcloths–love your pattern and yarn choices. And the bookmark is just TOO CUTE :flirt: Thanks for sharing the website info–I’m off to get the pattern. :out:

Thanks so much for all of the kind comments about the dishcloths. There are so many neat dishcloth patterns out there and it’s an easy, compact project to take anywhere. They make great, inexpensive gifts for friends, too! :present:

Our knitting group actually made quite a few dishcloths last year xxx and made up three baskets of them to be actioned off for a charity. We had a nice phone message at our local yarn shop from someone who bid on one basket and won. She called to thank each one of us by name (we had included knitter name tags on each one) and to tell us they would be put to use in her winter home in Florida.

Very cute!

I’ve heard of the Flying Geese pattern because I love quilts and read a series of books (fiction) with quilting as the theme. Flying Geese is a quilting pattern as well.

I didn’t know you could knit something similar.

You did a GREAT job!! Thanks for sharing!