FO: Small Bag

I am working on making a much bigger one right now but here is the one I finished about 2 weeks ago…it turned out cute but you wouldn’t be able to carry anything heavy in it. I crocheted the flower on it

:thumbsup: That is cute! How small is it? Is it lined, will you line the bigger one? The flower is a really nice addition. What pattern did you use to make it?

Very pretty!

It’s not lined, I wouldn’t know how to line it??? The bigger one that I’m making isn’t really looking the same at all, I am using the same type of yarn but it looks very different, again I wouldn’t know how to line it. The pattern is from ravelry it’s called Flower Power Bag

Here is the size it is when I put it on

Thanks. I d/l the pattern. I find myself looking at yarn I got for a bathroom set and thinking it would make a great bag. Yours is a nice size. I wonder if I could make one with the bottom the same size as a coffee can lid for stabilizing the bottom. I’ll blame my efforts to figure this out and make it work on you! :wink: Seriously, yours looks so good I have to give it a go.

It is very cute!

Oh, very nicely done! I love that size and the crocheted flower is looks great on it.

It’s very very nice! The flower embellishment added a great touch!

I love this bag! You did a great job on it.

Is this one you’re planning to sell?

I might! I have no idea what to charge for it though. I Just finished the bigger version last night it turned out very different, you guys wanna see?

You need to ask? Of course we want to see! Don’t be silly. :wink:

:happydance: Yep! :happydance:

Do we want to see?!! Now what kind of question is that? It’s like asking a knitter if he or she has enough yarn!!

So show us already!

Every time I try to upload any photo from my phone it says the file is too big, anyone know how to shrink a file from their phone?

Ok I think I shrunk it. This one is more of an over the shoulder bag rather than a cross body bag

Well done! Love the style and the color. Your knit stitches are so nice and even, too!

Glad you were able to get the pic shrunk to size and uploaded. Man, the suspense was killing me (well, not really, but I did want to see it)!!

Thanks, would any of you know how to line it? Can I do it by hand? I don’t have a sewing machine

Yes, you can still line it without using a sewing machine. I do recommend that you wash and block the knitted bag and the fabric first, though–the knit item per the ball band instructions and fabric per its care instructions–just to make sure that anything that’s going to shrink has shrunk.

Here’s a tutorial about how to line a knit purse. You might do a search and find some other good ones, too.

:thumbsup: Thanks for the photo. It’s lovely! You don’t really want to bother lining it, send it to me and save yourself the trouble. :wink: That looks like a bag you’ll enjoy using for a long time. Well done!

Thanks guys, it’s made of 100% cotton, should I still wash it? Dry too?