FO: Slipper Socks

I’m just getting started on socks and these were very fun and quick to make, although boucle is a little hard to work with. I made them for my teenage daughter. I used Lion Brand “Lion Boucle”. The color is called “Jelly Beans.” I got the pattern from the Lion Brand website. It’s called Cozy Slipper Socks.


They look so cozy ! I really like them :slight_smile: Nice work !

They do look soft and cozy. Love the bright colours.

beautiful! love the fun colors!

:happydance: Great job, they look very cozy and warm!

I LOVE those! great colors, looks snuggly cozy warm. Do they have a heel, or are they tube socks?

Pretty, and they look so warm! Good job!

Very nice. The colors are great. I bet your daughter loves them!

They do have a heel.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I just love, love, love your slipper socks!:yay: The colour is wonderful. They look warm and comfy at the same time.
TEMA:knitting: [/COLOR]

Ooooooh ahhhhhh! These look so comfy! And I love the bright colorway!!!

Those are “pwetty”!! My 5 yr-old daughter just declared! :slight_smile: and I agree~well done! :thumbsup"

They look fun!

Those look warm and cozy!!

Nice work! These turned out really cute.