FO: Simple Spiral Slightly Slouchy Lace Hat

Try to say [I]that[/I] three times fast :teehee:

This is a hat I just sort of made up as I went along. I’m sure it’s probably been done before, but I am :inlove: with the colors. I’m planning to order some more of this yarn before the seller runs out. Not sure they’re going to get it again!

This hat is for my sister’s birthday, which was Sunday. With our grandfather dying the day before, I was not really sure what to do for her birthday. How can you wish her a happy one when a loved one died the day before? So, I tried to come up with a hat that was simple (she likes it that way), but still feminine with vibrant, fresh colors. I hope she likes it, since I’m giving it to her today :slight_smile: It’s 100% cotton, so I figure she can wear it all year long.

:hug:it looks great and is the perfect gift!

Sorry about your Grandfather, never an easy time.

The hat looks great, love the colors you chose. Is that you modeling it, or her?

It perfect!! I am so sorry for your loss. Losing your grandfather is never easy.

It’s me. My sister’s a blonde :slight_smile:

It looks beautiful! You are really talented. :slight_smile: