FO: Simple Cat Toy

I looked after a neighbour’s cat, and as I didn’t stay with her in the evening and night I figured she would get lonely so I knitted her a simple cat toy. Easily done with some scrap yarn, and the pattern is also a quick knit with hardly any sewing.

I attached a string so I could make it move while I was still there. The cat did play with it, but she wasn’t too interested when I didn’t make it move so I figured it wouldn’t help much…

But this was what I found on the table near the door the next morning:

That cat actually managed to kill the mouse, drag it down the stairs (I had left it upstairs as the cat sleeps there) AND lay it out on the table for me to find!

BTW any ideas on what yarn can handle a cat’s claws?

Success!!! You gave the cat something it loved. Destruction means you succeeded. Go figure. :thumbsup:

There is stainless steel yarn. I wonder how that would hold up to kitty’s claws.

Very life-like and cute even if short-lived. That must have been lots of fun for the cat.

hmm… stainless steel yarn maybe for claws, but on teeth? forcing myself to not have an aluminum foil freakout now… :wink:

That was very thoughtful of you and obviously the cat showed it appreciation by lighting into it with gusto!
For sure, it wasn’t bored during the night… :slight_smile:

You did a nice job, but the rodent aspect creeped me out lol I have a big rodent phobia even yarn ones! :slight_smile:

My cats are always stealing my crocheted potholders off the table, so I made them a coaster out of two strands of Red Heart Super Saver acrylic yarn. (I can’t remember if I knit or crochet it.) I also crocheted them a curly worm out of some Vanna’s Choice acrylic that I had.

I haven’t seen either of them in a while (my cats are apparently part squirrel) but the last time I saw them both, they were still in good shape.

Thanks for the pattern link – I’m going to try the mouse for them and see how they like it!

This is great! I agree destruction = success. Thank you for the pattern I might have to make one for my little devils. :knitting:


mission accomplished, I’ld say.

I have five cats in the house, and I knit them basic balls out of acrylic.
sometimes I use wool and they end up nicely felted. I put little jingle bells inside.
Gizmo has a favourite, large 4" ball knitted out of eyelash yarn. It seems to be standing up to a LOT of abuse. Peaches prefers just a length of yarn, any will do but the one attached to the ball I happen to be knitting with is the preferred one.
Bounce will play with anything he can toss HIGH up in the air and then leap up to catch. so I use a bit of fibrefill for his shtuff.
Rumble likes whatever Bounce is playing with, and Tim, (aka Timid Timmy when he arrived, but now morphed into the inTIMidator…)
he just likes stalking Gizmo.

That is soooooo cute!! I must make a ton of those for my kitties, Draco & Luna.