I posted pics of this shrug before when I finished it but I had to share one of her wearing it with her Flower girl dress.

Ahh!! So cute. :heart:

It’s beautiful and the little girl is adorable!

How beautiful she is! Good job on the shrug, too. Does she like it?

ohhh she is so cute and the shrug is beautiful…great job!

Beautiful shrug and beautiful girl


She is so cute and it looks just right!

so cute!! both the shrug and the little girl!!

Oh, she’s precious! The shrug is just perfect with her dress. Great job!

She is toooooooo cute in her shrug

aww how cute!!! the shrug is wonderful :happydance:

What a doll she is! :heart:Love the shrug–perfect with the lacy dress.:thumbsup:

Just beautiful! Your shrug and the little girl!:thumbsup:

How adorable!!! Nice Job:thumbsup: Beautiful model too!

Too adorable!! :chair: :balloons:

Very sweet!

what an adorable shrug and model!!! she looks like a little angel!

Thanks guys. I thought the shrug went perfect with her dress. The dress didn’t have the lace I added it to the dress and the two go great together. She was such a little doll at the dance she grabbed a little boy and started dancing with him so cute.