Fo shawl

Well, here is my finished shawl. I am very happy with the end results. It was a plain garter stitch pattern but I think the fringe really made it look great.
Thanks to everyone on KH for the suggestions on the edging, I went with the fringe and I think it was a good idea, kinda pulls your eye away from the rows of knitting when you look at it. Or dresses it up.
And I love the way the color came out.

That did come out very nicely. Very good job. I am sure you will look wonderful wearing this shawl.

I think your sahwl is lovely and the fringe looks good on it. I just love that colour:)

That is very pretty, love the color.

That is really pretty!

Very pretty. Great job.

looks great, especially styled the way you have it draped. Wonderful.

Beautiful colour. It looks soft, but light. Would look great dressed up or down.

:heart: Wow…that really turned out gorgeous…and the color is yummy!

That is gorgeous, I just love the color! Great job!

That looks grat!

It looks great and I love that color…Great job :thumbsup:

It’s beautiful! Love the color! What yarn did you use?

Great job- I love the colour! I think you’re right about the fringe, I think it adds flare to the simple design.

Oh my gosh, that’s absolutely beautiful! Those colors are absolutely gorgeous!! You’ve inspired me to tackle a shawl (once I’m done my shrug)

Oh my goodness! That is so gorgeous! I love that!

It looks so nice! I love when people post things they asked questions about and then we get to see the FO…very pretty!!

Very pretty!

Very nice!

Araucania sock yarn and Silky Wool with a New York trim yarn.
Thanks everyone for you comments.