FO: Second attempt at mitts, FO: Towel

So, this was the pattern I was trying to follow for my first pair of mitts. This time, I stuck to it pretty closely and used their method to create thumbholes, which look much smoother. I’m not sure what “size 11 and 13” needles are, so I just used the same ones I used last time. Casting on 36 stitches seemed to have worked, so that’s what I did this time as well. For the thumbholes, I slipped five stitches instead of four, and picked up seven stitches for a total of 12, instead of 10. The first one turned out nicely and fits well. I’m on the second one, just got past the thumbhole and should be done by tomorrow. This time, I counted my rows, so they should both turn out the same size.

The pattern for the towel is here. I deviated from the pattern quite a bit. I only had red yarn to work with, so that’s what I made the background colour. I didn’t want to simply knit/purl the snowman pattern on, so I decided to use the little bit of green yarn I had left to make it a completely different colour. Green snowmen aren’t exactly common, and since my blue yarn was being used for my first mitt, I changed the pattern to a Christmas tree, split my supply of red yarn into two, and used Intarsia knitting to create the tree. When I got to the second snowman, the blue yarn was freed up, the green one ran out, so I decided to follow the original pattern, but still using Intarsia knitting, I made a snowman. It turned out to be a pretty weird-looking snowman, so I’ll probably have to add some facial features so people will be able to tell. I’m planning to give this one to friends.

Nice work! And thanks for sharing all of the helpful information, too!

Great job! :yay:

You’re doing a great job on the mittens and I :heart: the color!

Hint: If you put the 5 thumb stitches on something other than that needle you will find it a lot easier…small stitch holder, safety pin, or piece of waste yarn.


All done.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Yay!! They’re adorable.