FO: Scarf and shawl

Pattern: Ripple Shawl by Lion Brand
Yarn: Bernat Naturals alpaca (30% alpaca/70% acrylic)
Needles: Size 6

This was my nan’s Christmas present. (My father is so kindly holding it up for me.) I really loved this pattern and the YARN. Yummy. I will definitely need to knit more with alpaca yarn as it was so soft. This has a lovely drape and weight to it. (I had to make sure it was big enough by throwing it on my shoulders!)

Pattern:Sinful Ribbed Scarf by Classic Elite
Yarn: Bernat Super Value, white with grey through it
Needles: Size 7, I think.

This was a “Oh no, I’m out of yarn. I need another project to hold me over” project. :stuck_out_tongue: I needed to wait for my boyfriend to pick me up another skein of yarn (Michaels discount <3) so I started this at school that morning. Had it knit up in less than two actual days, though it took “longer” because I used the wrong piece of yarn and ended up pulling the skein apart to work it out. Yeah … got frustrated, cut and knotted. Ended up giving it to my friend Amanda because hey, Amanda loves me, I love her and it was vegan-friendly.

That is so pretty!

That is a pretty shawl, although in your Dad’s hands it looks like a baby blanket. :wink: Nice job!

Both projects are beautiful! I’ve saved that scarf pattern too! Love it!

GREAT WORK! LOL…I also thought it was a baby blanket!

Great work :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing with us:hug:

:thumbsup: They look great!!

I’m sure if I blocked it out, it wouldn’t look quite so tiny. :stuck_out_tongue: My dad does have big hands. Dad and I are the same height, but his hands are twice as thick as mine so maybe next time I’ll take pictures with me holding the FOs. ;D